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FIM KOREA considers Foodservice Business as our “Destiny”

FIM KOREA is committed to develop Restaurant Business and Foodservice Industry Business in worldwide.

FIM Korea handles Grand Opening Consulting, Franchise Consulting, Market Research, Operation Management Consulting and every
aspect of food and restaurant’s operation you could name it. From new concept development projects and operational assessments to
restaurant turnarounds, kitchen and interior design, marketing, compliance and more. We also train specialists in restaurant industry to meet high quality expectations of clients. Our system of FIM KOREA is keep developing with some of the most proficient partners and
academia advisory panels in Korea.

FIM KOREA promise to think customers’ and clients’ points of views and ensure to develop leading worldwide company

HAN, Youngman
Founder and Representative Consultant
Han, Youngman, the founder and CEO of FIM KROEA, has more than 25 years of hands-on food
service experience

- Vice President of Food Service Management Society of Korea
- Foreign Professor of Kyung-Hee University
- Instructor of CJ education class
- The member of judges for Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
- The member of judges for Ham-Pyeong Chuk-Hyeop Hanwoo Plaza
- Consultant for “Opening Restaurant” of Korea Economy TV 1357
- Consultant for Hanwoo Association of Korea
- Secretary-General of The Korean Association of Food Critics
- Foreign professor of Sook-Myung Women’s University
- Columnist of Everyday Economy Newspaper

- Certification from Korea Tourism Organization of Kyung-Joo Hotel Administration
- Bachelor’s degree of Management at Seoul Seok-Yeong University
- Bachelor’s degree of Tourism at Seoul Kyung-Hee University
- Master’s degree of Management at Kyung-Hee University
- Certification of Korean Food Critics at Kyung-Hee University
- Certification of Food Foundation at Small and Middle Business Administration

- Food and Beverage Department, Seoul Renaissance Hotel
- CEO of Inc. JAST, Pizza Franchise
- General Manager at Family Restaurant Bennigans, Seoul Korea
- General Manager at Inc. Lime Theme Park in Bun-Dang, Gyeong-Gi
- Present CEO of FIM KOREA