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FIM KOREA considers Foodservice Business as our “Destiny”

First step for successful grand opening restaurant is to analyze the market and locations.
Market Research and analyzing the location are steps to understand the market flow, characteristic of target customers
and overall food industry information. It is the process of analyzing expected location in diversity ways and foresee
the possibilities of changing market trends strategically.

Grand Opening Support Consulting
Everyone can try to open and manage their own restaurant in food industry, but not everyone success!
Present Survival Rate in foodservice industry Korea is only 5 percent. That is why it is important to go through
professional and systematic process in countless competition. FIM KOREA is ready to help you with your successful restaurant business in FIM KOREA’s differentiated Program and Know-How

Developing Menu Recipes and Item Selecting
Selecting menu items is a key for success or failure.
To be successful, it is important to read trends, understand conditions
of operator, and pick reasonable menu item based on targeting
How to develop & select items -> Scientific analysisis required