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FIM KOREA considers Foodservice Business as our “Destiny”

What is Food Advertisement Design Consulting?

Design is a broad sight medium message that connect people to people and Food Design
contains customers’ sensible satisfaction to product.

Foodservice Industry is now very competitive market. It is important to draw out differentiated
design product and it is considered one of the most important identity to make restaurants’ concept.

FIM KOREA will support your design product based on Foodservice Industry Market and Target Customers’ Characteristic.


Mister JJU LOGO (Baby Octopus Bistro) Dolpan Samgyeop and Yangpoon Jjigae
(Stone Grilled Pork Belly and Large Bowl of Soup)

SAINT AGUSTIN Toechon Rib & Noodle

Mr. Han’s Kalbi & Spicy Seafood Noodle Baenyeon Siraegi (Century Dried Radish Leaves)

GangHwa Chicken & Seafood Soup Watery Spicy Stir-Fried Chicken

Caravan Rib Caravan Pork Belly

Surak Chicken & Seafood Soup Damyang Bamboo Sprout Chicken
& Seafood Soup


Baeknyeon Siraegi (Century Dried Radish Leaves)
Mr. Han’s Kalbi & Spicy Seafood Noodle
Caravan Rib & Pork Belly