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Q&A: Frequent Questions & Answer

Q How much is Consulting Fee?

It depends on market research cost (labor cost, expenditure cost, transportation, printing, communication expense and
tasting competitor restaurant research) based on requested restaurant and environment, plus FIM KOREA takes 20% of
market research cost for the company margin. Therefore, market research cost plus 20% of market research cost would be your
consulting fee. That is why consulting fee may various depends on market and restaurant environment. However, we are more than
pleased to give you an estimated consulting fee when you come and have consultation with us.

Q I am currently operating my own restaurant and does FIM KOREA also hires employees for me?

There are few categories of consulting process in FIM KOREA’s Homepage. Operation re-newel and remodeling is contained in
Operating Management Consulting category. FIM KOREA runs your restaurant operation systematically which contains
employee hires as well. We also supports developing recipes and menu item, labor management, and franchise system.

Q Do I have to have selected locations or menu ideas when I request Consulting Process?

We will definitely explain what you have to do when we progress consultation on the phone or appointment meeting. It is not a
problem not to have item or detail ideas when you give us a call. Consulting Process contains finding restaurant locations and menu

Q How the Consulting Process works?

1. Phone call Consultation with CEO
2. Make an appointment for consultation meeting
3. Make a contract
4. Proceeding Market Research for 3 rounds
5. Making Business Concept and Plan
6. Implement Business

Q I want to have Consultation appointment. What am I supposed to do?

You can make a call to FIM KOREA 1644-9445 for FREE CONSULTATION

Q What is Foodservice Industry Consulting?

Consulting is the business of giving expert advice to other professionals, typically in financial and business matters.
Foodservice Industry Consulting is the business of giving expert advice to our clients about Food related business which contains
Operation Management, Marketing, Human Resource, and Developing Recipes and Menu Item.